Around Canoë Vacances…

Throughout the course of Canoe Dordogne Vacances discover places such as Beynac, Castelnaud, Montfort, Fayrac, Milandes, Vitrac, and these magnificent castles…

La Roque-Gageac

This beautiful village one of the most beautiful villages in France, nestles at the foot of its high cliffs at noon, in a loop of the Dordogne. It has an almost Mediterranean climate. This site was inhabited prehistoric dice and abundance of carved stones found in the fields and gardens reflected. The Gallo-Roman period allows a broad settlement gentle slopes east of the village with a Roman road. But from 850 years of insecurity, due to the incursions of Norman longships, incites the population to strengthen and shelter between cliff and river.


Perched on the hillside on the left bank of the Dordogne, Castelnaud dominates the small town washed his feet. Its former owners, vassals of the kings of England, long opposed to their neighbors, the Lords of Beynac, faithful to the kings of France. If the protagonists of these remote quarrels are all gone, the two fortresses are still continuing their unchanging face to face as a mineral challenge to oblivion and the ravages of time.


The chateau of Beynac is undoubtedly the most beautiful medieval chateau in France both in its architecture and the beauty of its site. As a heavy stone caravel, it is anchored on a high limestone cliff, corroded by the centuries and overlooking a charming village.

Les Milandes

It was in 1489 that François de Caumont, Lord of Castelnaud, began construction of the Milandes castle in a place overlooking the Dordogne. The castle also owes its fame to Josephine Baker, who owned it from 1947 to 1968, the “nursery” where it sheltered adopted children. The Museum of Falconry, located in the highest tower of the castle, provides falconer accessories. Hunting Show at flight where some magnificent raptors evolve for a demonstration of this ancient art.


This is one of the finest romantic and picturesque gardens of France. Classified site for its historical park of 22 hectares, Marqueyssac offer around a castle of the eighteenth century, more than 6 kilometers of shaded walks, lined with century-old boxwood 150,000 hand-carved, and decorated with gazebos, rockeries, waterfalls and theaters of vegetation.


medieval village that had to defend against numerous invaders. It is also, once crossed doors, the most famous is the door of Tours, with its graffiti Templars, succumb to the charm of the Royal Bastide of the 13th century and feel a bit at home. Domme, unique and beautiful, with the most famous panorama of the Périgord, plunging the Dordogne. Under the blond of his buildings from the 14th and 18th centuries saw a fantastic world of natural caves with stalactites and columns of water mirrors, enhanced by light effects. The large collection of popular objects of past centuries housed in the museum shows the daily life of regional farmers and artisans.


Walking through the streets of the medieval city, you will discover in turn the birthplace of Etienne de la Boetie, the Cathedral Saint-Sacerdos, Jardin des enfeus the Présidial, the ancient Church of St. Mary, the hotel Plamon and many other buildings. Eyrignac Garden Surrounded by hills, the property of Patrick Sermadiras Pouzols Lile brings a nice unit remains a pretty typical Sarladaise di seventeenth century and a garden inspired the astonishing perspectives, built from yew parterre of boxwood charms.

Parc Le Bournat

The village of Bournat, living memory of rural life of the Perigord, is constantly developing entertainment to revive every day, the time of a visit, the daily activities of a Perigord village in the last century with its customs and crafts.


Already famous in the thirteenth century for its terrifying legends, the Proumeyssac chasm was not explored until 1907. Called “Crystal Cathedral” Proumeyssac is currently the largest developed cave in the Périgord.

Aquarium Périgord Noir

The Aquarium du Périgord, with more than 3 million liters of water and more than 600 fish is undoubtedly the largest private fresh water aquarium in the open. You will find the lords of our rivers (pike, catfish, sturgeon …) and tropical water fish (discus, gourami, piranhas …) through 300 meters of windows.

Gouffre de Padirac

The Padirac is a natural cavity of 75m which opens in the area of ​​the Causse de Gramat, under which at 103 meters runs an underground river.

Rocher des aigles

True center of Introduction to Ecology of Raptors, the Rocher des Aigles presents under ideal conditions of detention conform to their biological requirements, over a hundred of rare birds of prey worldwide.

The margins of the west facade of the Massif Central and the northern slopes of the Pyrenees offer the distinction of having one of the highest concentrations in Europe of Paleolithic painted caves. It has no less, in fact, a hundred and thirty sanctuaries, the most prestigious Lascaux. The latter, located on the left bank of the Vézère, is somewhat away from the traditional prehistoric sites further downstream Moustier until Bugue.